New Community Jewish High School recognizes the central role of the arts in a well-rounded general and Jewish education program. As a pluralistic school, we embrace the many lenses through which we may encounter, learn about, and create broad Jewish knowledge and experience. In addition to providing students the opportunity to experience new ideas, media and techniques, which are hallmarks of any good arts program, our Visual and Performing Arts Department advances a deeper sense of Jewish cultural literacy. By exposing students to our folk arts traditions, as well as the work of contemporary artists in all media and disciplines, we challenge students to consider Jewish themes, influences and text. Yet, as we introduce our students to Jewish arts and artists, we are mindful not to isolate ourselves from “world art” but rather to place our experience within a historical and global context. We are one people among many peoples— all with the human drive to create. Through this process, students can achieve a foundational knowledge that inspires them with a sense of cultural ownership and self-assurance, empowering them to be full participants in our cultural life and history.